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When preparing to sell or purchasing your new home, there are many steps in the process!  From finding a lender to choosing inspectors, or making small repairs yourself or looking for help with bigger issues- the Jewett Homes Selling Team can help you find the right person for you!

Buyers:  Once you have your offer accepted, there are certain inspections we recommend to give you peace of mind and keep you informed about the home you are purchasing! 


  • Home Inspection

  • Radon Inspection

  • Termite Inspection

Additional Possible Inspections:

  • Sewer Main Line Inspection

  • Well Inspection

  • Septic Inspection

  • Others as desired..       

Sellers: When preparing your home for the market, we recommend checking off all those little maintenance  tasks that we often overlook or have learned to love with over the years.  In addition, any major issue such as HVAC, mechanical, water issues, etc. should be addressed PRIOR to putting your home on the market for 2 reasons:


  1. If you want TOP DOLLAR, your home should be in TOP CONDITION.  This means no major repairs or issues needed.

  2. You, as a seller, are required to disclose any issues with the home such as flooding, etc.  It is best to have these possible roadblocks taken care of ahead of time.      

Not sure where to begin?  Below is a list of area professionals that our team has worked with.  However, you are always welcome to choose whomever you would like.  

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Home Inspectors

Radon Inspectors

Septic Inspectors

Carter Home Inspections, LLC

     Tim Carter, Owner

Miller Building Inspections, LLC

     Robert Miller, Owner

Integrity Home Inspections
     Cameron Anderson, Owner


Sego Inspections, LLC
     Cindy Segobiano


Americhoice Radon Inspections

     Riley Carey

Pest Inspectors

First Strike Pest Control

     Randy Pruett


Sylvester Septic

     Rob Sylvester, Owner



Sewer Inspectors

Rewes Drain Cleaning

     Sam Macaw



Well Inspectors

Kickapoo Drilling Company

     Holly Layten


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Did you know that in Bloomington-Normal McLean County), you are required to use an attorney to represent you when you have sold your home?  You also have the choice as a buyer to have an attorney represent you as well.

In addition, did you know you have to secure home-owner's insurance prior to closing on your new home? 

Did you know that you can shop around for mortgages? Lenders offer many different programs and they are not the same at every bank!  It pays to shop around! 

Need a place to begin?  Below, we have listed many of the professionals we have worked with in the area.

Let us help you on your journey! 



Pat O'Rourke, Attorney at Law


Amanda Willette, Attorney at Law


Todd Bugg, Dunn Law Firm


Insurance Agents

Chris Mizell, State Farm


Mike Rave, State Farm


MSI, Mortgage Services, III

     Jackie Jackson


Compass Mortgage

     Susie Nafziger


Busey Bank

     Randy Clark


     Sandy Vick


Wintrust Mortgage

     Milissa Welborn


Wells Fargo

     Kelly Lane


Illinois National Bank

     Mark Larsen


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